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For centuries, Monitors have walked among us, studying us. We had nothing they wanted and we were too primitive to interact with them as equals, but from time to time we showed promise.

About to explode in a series of volcanic eruptions, Yellowstone would cover the central plains of the continent with tons of rock. The planet would be darkened for years with ash that would cover the sun and change the climate for at least a decade. Billions of people could starve, and America’s international cultural dominance would certainly end.

This was worth observing in greater detail. Even for scientists who were engineering their own genome while humanity’s ancestors were still in trees, a planetary-wide cataclysm is a rare opportunity. More Monitors were sent to set up observation centers to see firsthand how human societies would deal with this geologic upheaval.

The Monitors would need the cooperation of their neighbors, if they could be trusted. 

“May you live in interesting times” is an ancient Chinese curse whose meaning will soon become abundantly clear.


In preparation for the massive Yellowstone volcanic eruption, the Monitors increased their observers. Such fascinating sociological data was rare. No one expected them to experience the joys and pains of living among humans. Love, shame, and grief are not felt only by humans; some emotions are universal.

Ann and the Monitors must face the challenges of a shattered world. Survival does not come with fanfare, background music, or beating drums; it comes with hard work and cooperation. They must learn to grab happiness, love and friendship while striving to survive with a modicum of honor and morality.


The Yellowstone Volcano was an extinction event. The Monitors wanted to be here to see it and to see how humans coped with such a catastrophe. Within three years, Ann Jacob ‘s life and body has changed dramatically since the explosion.  The life of Marco Antonio, the 700-year-old Monitor who lived off human blood has transformed into something he too never anticipated in his long experience.  He is not prepared for the emotional intensity he will experience as a result, and he must learn to deal with human emotions first-hand while curbing the actions of humans and monitors alike.

Every vertebrate on the planet is dependent on Marco Antonio being able to find a cure for the disease that began when Yellowstone’s blast changed the world.  Otherwise, there will be mass extinctions, so the consequences for failure are too great to consider. Marco Antonio is too big to fail, and Ann realizes it. She must help him before life on our planet is wiped out


“Some pilots communicated the situation from a distance, but most who could see the explosion were doomed.”

Ann and Tim thought their new neighbors were odd. Gabriel and Ruth had a strange accent, which for California with its burgeoning immigrant population was not unusual in itself, but they also seemed to be completely clueless when it came to some of the basic things that almost every adult should know….

John E. Roper


We live in a world where Monitors walk among us, watching and studying us, but for what? We have nothing to offer them, nothing they want, and are seen to be too primitive for them to view humans as equals. But sometimes, one person shows promise. Soon natural disasters will begin such as major volcanic eruptions, which will cover the central plains in rock and debris….

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Voted Teacher of the Year 9 times in her 37 year career, she finally wanted to write a book. So she wrote five. Here are her first three.

Always an educator, she and her husband run Helping Other People Everywhere, Inc. (H.O.P.E. Inc.) which pays the salaries of all the teachers at Hopewell High School in Nakuru, Kenya (as well as supporting 4 nursery schools there). All money earned from her books will go to pay the salaries of Kenyan teachers.